Last Tuesday, the two houses of the Legislature met in joint session and re-elected three incumbents to the state Board of Regents and chose a Sullivan County judge to fill a vacancy. The 17-member Board of Regents sets education policy for New York. Members, who are unpaid, are elected to five-year terms.


This year’s Regents election, usually a quiet affair, was most closely watched in recent memory. Education advocates and some legislators have sought to replace incumbents because of the Board of Regents’ much-criticized handling of the Common Core implementation and rollout of new student testing and teacher standards.


Despite the controversy, at-large Regents James Cottrell of Brooklyn and Wade Norwood of Rochester, as well as Staten Island representative Christine Cea, were re-elected. Josephine Finn, a village justice in Monticello, Sullivan County, was chosen to replace Albany representative James Jackson, who decided on Monday not to seek re-election.