On Monday, Gov. Cuomo’s Common Core Implementation Panel released its preliminary recommendations. The panel is chaired by IBM Vice President Stanley Litow.  (Read the press release here, and the panel’s report here.)


Gov. Cuomo announced that he would form the panel in January.  The 11-member group of educators, legislators, parents and education experts heard testimony regarding best practices for implementing the Common Core standards, how to improve public opinion regarding Common Core and related issues, testing, professional development and data privacy at two public hearings.


The panel recommends limiting “high stakes testing”; taking steps to ensure student data protection requirements, including ending the state’s relationship with inBloom; and providing better support for parents and teachers in the Common Core implementation.


In his statement, Gov. Cuomo said:


“The flawed implementation of the Common Core curriculum has resulted in frustration, anxiety, and confusion for children and parents.  It is in everyone’s best interest to have high, real world standards for learning and to support the Common Core curriculum, but we need to make sure that our students are not unfairly harmed by its implementation. The recommendations released by the Common Core Implementation Panel today seek to achieve this goal.”