Last Thursday, Gov. Cuomo released his 30-day budget amendments to his $142 billion spending proposal.  Highlights include:


  • Language changes to the repeal of the upstate manufacturers tax;
  • Imposing a rent cap to provide at affordable housing protection in the HIV/AIDS rental assistance that already exists in other low-income housing programs; and
  • Changes to the design-build proposal that would effectively require the use of

project-labor agreements (PLAs) on “design-build” infrastructure contracts of more than $10 million.


We’re very concerned about the new PLA language, which has been shown to increase project costs.  This is not a step in the right direction for taxpayers.


With the Governor’s final amendments submitted to the Legislature and the legislative budget hearings concluded, the budget process will soon being in earnest.


By tomorrow, the two houses are scheduled to release their respective Economic & Revenue Forecast reports.  By March 1, they are scheduled to agree on how much money the state has to spend in the 2014-15 fiscal year.  The two houses are scheduled to act on their respective one-house budget bills by March 12.