Facing pressure from parents, state lawmakers and Gov. Cuomo, the state Board of Regents voted to slow the state’s implementation of the new Common Core educational standards last week.


The Regents approved a series of changes that will alter way tests are used in measuring progress with the Common Core standards, including allowing teachers who face dismissal due to low student test scores to challenge the determination.


Gov. Cuomo was not satisfied.  In a statement, he said:


“Today’s recommendations are another in a series of missteps by the Board of Regents that suggests the time has come to seriously re-examine its capacity and performance. These recommendations are simply too little too late for our parents and students. “Common Core is the right goal and direction as it is vital that we have a real set of standards for our students and a meaningful teacher evaluation system. However, Common Core’s implementation in New York has been flawed and mismanaged from the start.”


He noted that he recently appointed a commission to address these issues, and said that its recommendations should be used to “find a legislative solution this session to solve these problems.”