Last week, the Senate Finance Committee and the Assembly Ways & Means Committee began their review of the Governor’s Executive Budget proposal.


Last Monday’s hearing featured local government leaders from throughout the state.  Mayors from upstate cities urged state lawmakers to provide them additional money and relief from state mandates, saying that they face increasing financial pressures. In his Executive Budget proposal, Gov. Cuomo proposed keeping aid to municipalities flat at $715 million.  Yet there is little mention of more mandate relief that costs the state NOTHING!


Last Tuesday’s budget was on Elementary and Secondary Education.  State Education Commissioner John King said that statewide full-day pre-kindergarten could cost up to $1.6 billion annually.  Lawmakers raised the question of whether Gov. Cuomo’s Executive Budget proposal of $1.5 billion over five years is adequate.


Last Friday, the Senate and Assembly leadership announced a schedule for acting on the budget:


–       February 25 – Senate & Assembly Fiscal Committee Economic & Revenue Forecast Reports Released

–       February 26 – Joint Revenue Forecasting Conference

–       March 1 – Revenue Consensus Report

–       March 12 – Senate & Assembly one-house budget actions

–       March 12 – Senate/Assembly budget conference committees commence

–       March 19 – Budget conference committees issue final reports

–       March 24-27 – Agreed-to budget bills taken up by Senate & Assembly

Also last week, the Senate Finance Committee and the Assembly Ways and Means Committee each released their respective analysis of the Governor’s Executive Budget proposal.

Read the Senate White Book here, and the Assembly Yellow Book here. The Assembly also released a Graphic Overview of the 2014-15 Executive Budget.