On Wednesday, Gov. Cuomo’s Common Core Implementation Panel held its first meeting.  The Panel is charged with developing a set of recommendations to improve the implementation of the Common Core before the end of this legislative session.


The panel heard from representatives of advocacy and education stakeholder groups – both national and New York groups – on how to improve Common Core implementation in New York. They said that that the success of the standards relies heavily on support from parents and the general public.


With respect to the State Education Department’s Common Core rollout, panel chair Stanley Litow said:


“There are things that public systems do well, and sometimes they need help from outsiders.  I now work for IBM. We help the government implement social security; that was something that couldn’t have been done by just one entity or one sector of society alone. That doesn’t mean that the state education department can’t improve themselves and do a better job, but they’ll need help from others—from government, from the private sector, from civic groups. I think everybody needs to get behind this, because it’s not just one element of society’s problem. It’s everybody’s problem.”