State Senator Ted O’Brien (D-Irondequoit) recognizes the harm that state-imposed unfunded mandates are wreaking on local governments and schools throughout the state.


Unfunded state mandates leave local government and school district officials with a Hobson’s Choice – to either cut needed services or raise taxes.  That’s why he is carrying the Unfunded Mandate Reform Act in the Senate.  The bill authorizes the Governor to submit to the Legislature once each legislative session a plan to repeal or revise unfunded mandates, and requires such plan to be voted on by the Legislature within 30 days of its submission by the Governor.


We support Senator O’Brien’s bill, and his efforts to protect taxpayers.


Senator O’Brien has created a petition to collect concerns and use them to push for more relief.  Please add your voice to growing list of people who know that without real mandate relief, our future is in jeopardy.  Click  here to complete the petition.