Last week, the Empire Center for Public Policy released a report urging that the state’s Environmental Quality Review (SEQR) law be reformed to reduce what have become common and expensive delays in the process for approving development projects.

Unfortunately, SEQR is being used to discourage economic development because the review process breeds uncertainty and delay.  The report also notes that a number of Regional Economic Development Councils (REDCs) have also raised the issue of unwarranted project delays due to SEQR.


We’ve raised concerns about SEQR, and the need to improve it the law so that it cannot be used to inappropriately delay important job-creation projects.  This should be an issue that the Governor adopts immediately.  Without changing the SEQR process, many of the projects awarded via the REDC are unnecessarily delayed.  That means jobs, as well as a boost to the economy, are also delyed.