Bankrupt Norse Energy has sued New York State for not approving natural gas development through “hydraulic fracturing” – commonly referred to as hydrofracking.


Last week, Albany attorney Tom West filed a lawsuit asking a court to compel the state to make a determination on whether to permit and regulate high-volume fracking.


Unshackle Upstate has not been shy in expressing our displeasure with the state’s seemingly never-ending environmental review process.  Almost every other state in the nation that could develop shale gas has been able to come up with a regulatory framework for doing – even California.  So what is keeping New York – where the natural gas industry began in the 1820’s – from doing so? That’s what we want to know.

Bankruptcy is a complicated area of law, and we don’t know whether this lawsuit will succeed.  But we do know that New York’s regulations that will allow natural gas to be developed safely are long overdue.