Earlier today, Unshackle Upstate released “Money For Nothing – Why Taxpayer-Funded Political Campaigns are Wrong for New York State.” The report finds significant flaws with the program that advocates claim will “change the way politics works in Albany” by providing massive state subsidies to political candidates.


It points out that the New York State Constitution prohibits the use of taxpayer dollars for non-public purposes such as partisan political campaigns, and notes that a recent Quinnipiac University poll found that most New Yorkers oppose public financing of political campaigns.


Rather than enact an expensive system under which political candidates will receive generous state subsidies, Unshackle Upstate urges state lawmakers to see to it that existing campaign finance laws are enforced, and that the state Board of Election upgrade its database in order to enhance transparency.


There are many well-funded and well-organized advocates who are working to enact a law providing for taxpayer-funded political campaigns in New York State, and the issue is expected to be a high-profile one on 2014.  We urge you to learn more about this program —