Last week, Gov. Cuomo announced the creation of the Tax Relief Commission, to be chaired by former Gov. George Pataki and former state Comptroller Carl McCall.  The commission is tasked with identifying ways “to reduce the State’s property and business taxes to provide relief to New York’s homeowners and businesses.”  See the governor’s Tax Relief presentation here.


The commission will issue recommendations on tax relief by December 6.  The governor said that the recommendations will be a “centerpiece” of his 2014 legislative agenda.


As we’ve said time and time again, reducing Upstate’s high tax burden is essential if we want to improve our economy.  We look forward to helping inform the work of this commission, and that of the governor and the legislature, so that we see broad-based tax relief for struggling families and employers in 2014.


The other members of the new Tax Relief Commission include: Dall Forsythe, former state budget director; Jim Wetzler, director, Deloitte Tax LLP and former state tax commissioner; Heather Briccetti, head of the New York State Business Council; Bill Rudin, senior adviser at Brown & Weinraub, PLLC; Jack Quinn, president of Erie Community College; and Denis Hughes, former president of NYS AFL-CIO.


In late 2012, Gov. Cuomo appointed the members of the Tax Reform and Fairness Commission, which was tasked with addressing “long term changes to the tax system,” and to “make revenue-neutral policy recommendations to improve the current tax system.”  Administration officials said that the new tax commission will collaborate with the existing commission.