This week, the Senate’s Majority Coalition began a series of statewide public hearings on regulatory reform. The hearings are being held by the Administrative Regulations Review Commission (ARRC) and the Senate Committee on Commerce, Economic Development and Small Business.



The first hearing, held last week, focused on medical technology and health.


Upcoming hearings include agriculture (Sept. 19 in Watertown); manufacturing (Sept. 20 in Syracuse); construction (Sept. 25 on Long Island); hospitality and tourism (Oct. 2, in Saratoga); small business (Oct. 7 in the Hudson Valley); insurance and banking/financial services (Oct. 8 in New York City); manufacturing Oct. 9 in Corning) and biotechnology (Oct. 15 in Rochester).


We hope that these hearings enable the Legislature to move forward in 2014 with efforts to provide relief from costly and unnecessary government regulations, which only serve to inhibit job creation and increase property taxes.