The Senate’s Finance and Investigations and Government Operations committees held public hearings in Albany and Syracuse this week to “review existing tax policy and discuss reform initiatives.”


Groups from both ends of the political spectrum urged the state to end the state’s long practice of providing targeted tax breaks and to instead make broad-based tax cuts in order to improve what many agree is one of the nation’s worst business climates.


We’ve put a specific proposal out, and we hope that the governor and legislature will take it seriously.  Our taxes are just too high in New York, which keep Upstate’s long-term decline moving in the same (wrong) direction.


Based on the questions they asked at the hearing, it’s clear that our tax relief proposal is not a slam-dunk in Albany.  But then what is a slam-dunk, other than more taxing, more borrowing and more spending?  If we want a successful economy – and communities that our children can return to after college, where my son can return home to find a job – then we need to reduce our tax burden.


The Senate committees will be holding another hearing in Buffalo later this week.  If you can, please let them know how you feel.