Last week, Gov. Cuomo announced an agreement between the state and Microsoft under which the state will merge its multiple email platforms among various state agencies.  The state estimates that the merger of these systems will save about $3 million annually.


Right now, the state is using 27 different systems, requiring multiple licensing fees and maintenance costs.  The system merger will offer automatic updates of all programs, uniform archiving processes, standardized security tools and full system redundancy and backup.


The Governor also announced that the state is planning to centralize administrative services for various state agencies in a single building on the Harriman State Office campus in Albany.


We are all for streamlining government and reducing the cost of state government operations.  This is a good step that we wish had been taken years ago.  We’d also like to see more action from the Governor’s Spending and Government Efficiency (SAGE) Commission, which issued its final report this past February. We think that state government could be substantially streamlined, providing better value for taxpayers.