The Senate Majority Coalition is holding a series of industry-specific hearings on regulatory reform in September and October to “identify and eliminate the costly government regulations that hamper business and job growth and drive up local taxes.


The hearings will be conducted by the Administrative Regulations Review Commission (ARRC) and the Senate Committee on Commerce, Economic Development and Small Business.  Specific locations and times have not yet been determined.


The hearings will address the following issues:


–       Medical Technology/Health (September 11 in Buffalo)

–       Agriculture (September 19 in Watertown)

–       Manufacturing (September 20 in Syracuse)

–       Construction (September 25 in Long Island)

–       Insurance (September 26 in New York City)

–       Banking/Financial Services (September 26 in New York City)

–       Small Business (September 27 in the Hudson Valley)

–       Hospitality/Tourism (October 2 in Saratoga)

–       Manufacturing (October 9 in Corning)

–       Biotechnology (October 15 in Rochester).