We’ve been quite vocal in our support for natural gas development through hydraulic fracturing, and in expressing our frustration that New York State seems to be stuck in neutral on the issue.


But, as the Associated Press recently reported, Marcellus shale gas development is far exceeded expectations.  In fact, Marcellus gas is now supplying the Pennsylvania and Northeast markets, and it’s grown to be the nation’s most productive gas field.


That’s quite a change from just a few years ago, when the vast majority of the gas that New Yorkers use to generate electricity and heat our homes (among other things) was piped in from Canada and the Gulf coast.


The shale gas revolution has brought tremendous economic benefits – tens of billions of dollars in capital investments, not to mention lease payments to landowners and tax revenues to states and local governments.


Except in New York.  Why not?  Why are we still waiting for DEC to issue regulations, when we know that it can be done safely?