Environmental groups recently filed a lawsuit against the state Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), claiming that the state’s lifting of its cap under the Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO) regulations, an example of how New York State is a difficult place to run a business, from 199 dairy cows to 299 dairy cows violates the federal Clean Water Act.


The Cuomo Administration permanently changed the CAFO rules relating to dairy farms in May after a 2012 “Yogurt Summit” held in Albany, in order to increase milk production for the state’s growing Greek yogurt industry.  By eliminating the costly CAFO regulatory burden on relatively small farms, dairy farmers were able to expand their operation.  This allowed the state to increase its milk production to support the growing yogurt industry.  Or, easily put, a win-win for both sides.


This simple little change demonstrates that the Governor understands that regulations need to be reformed in New York.  We expect that there will be more moves like this, allowing our small and medium size businesses to grow.