The New York State Fair, held in Syracuse, runs from Aug. 22 through Sept. 2.


This coming Saturday, August 24, the “Freedompalooza” concert to raise money for the NY Freedom Coalition will be held at the Altamont Fairgrounds in Albany County.  The group supports right-leaning political causes.


Next Monday, August 26, the Buffalo Niagara Partnership is holding a program on health care reform, and on how changes in the state’s health care delivery system will affect you, your family, your business and your employees.


The Senate Local Government Committee is holding a series of public hearings” to review state laws and state imposed municipal finance oversight boards in the context of fiscally distressed municipalities and hear testimony as to new initiatives that provide relief and assistance to fiscally distressed municipalities.”  The hearings are to be held in Syracuse (August 20), Buffalo (August 22) and Garden City (August 27).


Two State Senate committees — Finance and Investigations and Government Operations — are holding a series of public hearings throughout the state on state tax policy potential reforms.  Upstate hearings will be held in Albany on September 4, in Syracuse on September 5, and in Buffalo on September 12.


On September 6, the Assembly Environmental Conservation Committee holds a public hearing in Albany on the “Impacts of the 2013-14 State Budget on the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) and the Need for a New Environmental Bond Act.”


Primary elections will be held on Tuesday, September 10.


The state Board of Regents holds its next meeting in Albany on September 16 and 17.


The Public Service Commission holds its next meeting in Albany on Thursday, September 19.