Every so often, ok, quite often, a candidate gets behind a microphone and says something that we just can’t ignore.  And this week’s winner is none other than former Congressman and candidate for Mayor of New York City Anthony Weiner.


During an event on our nation’s birthday, Mr. Weiner blurted out the following statement, “Every July 4th we should all think not only about the independence of our country, but we should think a little bit about the independence of New York City from the shackles of Albany.”  But then he took it one step further with this sentence, “So much of our lives in New York City are governed by legislators in Buffalo, legislators in Schnectenady and legislators in Plattsburgh.”


Maybe this is a good time to remind Mr. Weiner that due to population, his beloved Senators and Assembly members from New York City have a great deal of influence over legislation.  And that the decisions they make are more crippling to our Upstate cities than they are to his hometown.  Perhaps he should start with them before he points to finger at the members from Upstate.


And while you’re at it Mr. Weiner, please find a new word to describe what you’d like to do.  We have the “unshackle” market covered.