Last week, Gov. Cuomo hosted a day-long conference on rebuilding communities damaged by floods from Superstorm Sandy and tropical storms Irene and Lee, plus the more recent flash floods in various regions of the state.


The New York Rising Storm Recovery Conference focused on the launch of New York Rising Communities Program, the Cuomo Administration’s new initiative designed to promote innovation and to empower communities hit hardest by recent storms.


102 communities have been designated as eligible to receive some $750 million of federal and state funds for storm reconstruction. Eligible communities have eight months to develop a plan representing the best ways to rebuild in a way that will enable their community to withstand future weather disasters.


Our hope is that along with what each community plans, the state will also create a construction recovery plan.  This plan should include reforms that will make construction more affordable and ensure that each and every dollar spent is put into infrastructure not wasted on extraneous costs that could be avoided.