The recent news that Detroit, once the nation’s fourth-most-populous city, has filed for bankruptcy is something of a wake-up call to Upstate’s leaders.  Are our cities headed there as well?


Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner (D) wants her city to avoid a similar fate.  She points out that Detroit’s local elected officials engaged in one-shots and borrowing rather than making the tough choices, and everyone pretended that what happened could never happen.


It’s time to face reality.  The Comptroller’s local government early warning system isn’t a bad idea, but it isn’t going to solve our problems.  The pension plan passed in the budget isn’t bad either.  The reality is that we’ve got some tough choices to face.  And anything short of addressing those choices is nothing more than window dressing.


We have mentioned it many times.  And like a broken record I will say it again here…there is a plan that can and will work.  It’s called Let New York Work, a six point plan full of commonsense, and achievable, reforms.
The answer to the question asked above is an emphatic yes. Our cities can, and very well may, end up like Detroit.  Let’s hope that our elected officials can learn from others mistakes and avert this crisis.