Last Thursday, a New York landowners group that supports fracking presented a panel that included a Bradford County, PA official, a local hospital administrator from Pennsylvania, a drilling industry executive and a Syracuse University professor water expert to make their case in support of natural gas development in New York.

The theme of the event was that the concerns about potential health and environmental risks that we constantly hear about are overblown, and that New York, which has been debating for nearly five years as to whether to approve the drilling technique should accept it.

Doug McLinko, a commissioner from Bradford County, PA which is just south of the New York state line from Binghamton and Elmira, said “I have never seen so much prosperity in my life. If you want a job, you can go to work.” More than 2,000 wells have been drilled in Bradford County since 2008 with few problems, while gas company payments are lifting the local economy.

I will ask again:  “Why not here in New York?”