Writing press statements, researching for social media and reading informative articles regarding the state of New York has been my primary educator thus far in my internship.  One issue that has particularly snagged my attention has been the Start-Up New York program.  I have learned about this tax-free program while reading different opinions on the issue and I have slowly begun to formulate my own.

As a student at a SUNY college, it is clear to me that allowing businesses to operate on college campuses tax-free will affect their surrounding communities.  Businesses will increase spending directly and indirectly.  It is obvious that the businesses will affect the community by bringing in a new opportunity to spend money; however, they will also be helpful because the people working for the businesses will likely be new community members who will be spending money throughout the area.   This will help to boost the local economy and bring new life to each community.  The Start-Up New York program will certainly be beneficial in stimulating the business economy, but will it be enough?

Although I agree that the Start-Up New York program is going to create positive change for New York and its economy, I do not believe it will be enough to pull New York out of its slump.  New York has been ranked the worst state in terms of business friendliness. The challenge of helping to initiate businesses is not the only problem.  Solutions must be found in order to aid existing businesses as well.  Existing businesses throughout New York are suffering; local leaders cannot ignore their needs any longer.  These businesses have endured an enormous tax burden and extreme regulations.  They are in desperate need of attention from the government.

As a student at a SUNY college, it is easy to imagine a new business on or near campus stimulating the local economy.  The entire community relies on the college and will certainly support the new company.  It seems to me that the tax-free proposal is being used to lure new businesses to set roots in New York which will in turn benefit the people surrounding each one.  However, I believe that Start-Up New York should only be viewed as a starting point.  It is not going to magically solve the business issue in New York, particularly upstate.  Reforms must be continually made so that all businesses stand a chance against the harsh economic environment within New York.  I believe that Start-Up New York is a great step in the right direction towards improving business friendliness in New York.


-Nicole Comanzo