A new report from the American Chemistry Council finds that plentiful shale gas is luring companies to the United States, bringing jobs and opportunities along with them.

Natural gas is not just a potential source of heat and electricity.  The chemical industry uses natural gas as a “feedstock” – using it to develop a wide variety of products.

According to the report, shale gas is a “game changer” for U.S. competitiveness:

“Access to vast, new supplies of natural gas from previously untapped shale deposits is one of the most exciting domestic energy developments of the past 50 years. After years of high, volatile natural gas prices, the new economics of shale gas are creating a competitive advantage for US manufacturers, leading to greater investment, industry growth, and jobs.”

Memo to Albany:  are you getting this?  It’s well past time to start issuing permits for natural gas development in the Southern Tier.  We need the investment, and we need the economic activity.