Stop Farm Labor Bill: Act Now!

“Farm workers are not farm animals.”  Those are the shameful words of Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver as he joined activists  and unions advocating for the Farm Labor Bill shortly before the Assembly passed it last week. The bill would grant employees the rights of overtime beyond an eight hour day, collective bargaining, and other provisions that don’t work on family farms.  The Speaker’s statement is offensive to both farm families and their hard working employees who often work side-by-side, and it goes to show you what we are up against in the halls of the Capitol in Albany.

Many of you have already sent your lawmakers a message expressing your disapproval of the bill which would hurt many of our family farms and limit employee work hours, and for that, NY Farm Bureau thanks you.  If you haven’t contacted the Governor or your state Senator, now is the time to do so to ward off a vote in the state Senate.  Please follow the e-lobby link and send an email today.  It is easy and takes only a minute of your time. Also, share the link, asking your friends and neighbors to do the same.  The future of our family farms and the livelihood of our employees may depend on it.

Please click on this link to e-lobby or print off a letter to mail to your lawmakers:

New York Farm Bureau

159 Wolf Rd. Albany, NY 12205-0330