When New York talks about being ‘open for business’ it fails to acknowledge that we have some really bad laws that hurt business and, more importantly, tax payers.  No law is a better example than Labor Law 240/241, the Scaffold Law.

Created in the early 1900’s to protect construction workers before we had OSHA and Workers Compensation, the law is now a drain on our resource.  The Buffalo News recently opined on it in a well written Editorial. We have also been active on the issue and recently wrote a Letter to the Editor that was published in the Democrat & Chronicle.

There is a realistic and thoughtful reform to this law that will help ensure our tax dollars are being spent on construction, not on insurance.  The Gallivan/Morelle bill will level the playing field and help to drive down the cost of liability insurance in New York.  It is time for our legislators to get off the dime and get this done before the end of this session.