The State Legislature passed the 2013-14 state budget last week, giving the state its third on-time budget in as many years.  While we are pleased that the state has moved beyond its “late budget” drama, on the whole we are disappointed with the end result.

There is some good in the budget – cuts to tax on manufacturers, and fixes for the Workers Compensation system that will save business money – but this budget leaves New Yorkers over-burdened and over-taxed.

It is time for our legislators to take a hard look at being principled and reducing the crushing tax burden placed on our citizens.  If we want to improve our anti-business reputation, make New York truly ‘open for business’ it’s critically important that the Governor and legislative leaders spend the rest of this session easing the regulatory burden on businesses so that we can grow jobs.

In short, we need the reality to match up with the rhetoric.  Until then, the “New NY” will look a lot like the old New York.

Read Gov. Cuomo’s press release on the enacted budget here.  Watch the Governor’s video message – in which he argues that New York State is “rising once again” — here.