Last week, Gov. Cuomo announced that he had vetoed 202 “line items” in the state’s 2013-14 fiscal year budget.  He announced the vetoes this past Wednesday, and we applaud the Governor for doing so.

Most of the vetoes were of re-appropriated “member items,” monies designated by particular legislators.  According to the Governor’s staff, 120 of the vetoes were of programs that had already been fully cashed out while another 11 were vetoed as the money was already spent previously for its intended purposes and all contractual obligations had been met. An additional 45 were for items that hadn’t been funded since 2005 or earlier. Ten vetoes were for items which the federal money had expired and three were for spending that was improperly added back.

Gov. Cuomo has not supported any new “member item” spending for the Legislature, only approving money that has been previously allocated and contracted for.  We view these “member items” as little more than pure pork…something New York’s taxpayers simply cannot afford these days.

Read the list of the Governor’s vetoes here.