On Tuesday, Gov. Cuomo announced the second phase of his anti-corruption efforts, which he described as “a series of proposals and reforms to strengthen New York State’s electoral process and help prevent public corruption.”

The Governor proposes:

  • Creating an independent enforcement unit at the State Board of Elections (SBOE) to investigate and prosecute election law violations;
  • Opening up the state’s primaries to any candidate who can collect the requisite number of signatures by eliminating the “Wilson-Pakula” requirement; and
  • Changing political party enrollment deadlines to make it easier for voters to switch parties.

This will continue to be an area of focus for the remainder of this legislative session.  There is a growing fear that it will consume so much time and attention that critical issues like mandate relief, small business initiatives and the development of the Marcellus Shale will stall.  We will not allow that to happen.  We will continue to aggressively push State government to adopt policies that benefit Upstate New York taxpayers and businesses.