Unfortunately, being number one in categories such as “total state and local taxes per person, as a percentage of state income” is exactly where we don’t want to be.

Last week, the non-partisan Tax Foundation released its 2013 rankings of all 50 states on forty different measures of tax and fiscal policy.  Even in those categories where New York is not ranked number one, we are much too close to the top.

Here are some examples:

Gasoline taxes: 1
State income tax collections per person: 1
State/local income tax collections per person: 1
State/local corporate taxes per person: 2
State/local cell phone taxes: 3
State/local revenues per person: 3
State/local tax revenues per person: 3
State/ local property taxes per person: 5
State/local sales taxes: 7
State tax collections per person: 9

This report has become, unfortunately, an annual reminder of how much work needs to be done before we can shed our reputation as the “tax capital of the United States.”  And a reminder of how much this current budget won’t move those numbers where we need them.