Once again, New York State has blown through a deadline as the state’s proposed regulations for the process expired last Wednesday.  Missing the deadline means the state will likely have to formally propose the regulations again, which will require a public hearing and comment period of at least 45 days.

Unfortunately, this is classic “paralysis by analysis.” This review began in 2009, and it is not yet complete.  Landowners and businesses across Upstate have been patiently waiting for more than four years for the state to give the green light to this transformative opportunity – it’s time to move forward before more families and companies move out.

Just over the border in Pennsylvania or to our west in Ohio and North Dakota, jobs are being created, municipalities are collecting record revenues and communities are thriving. Meanwhile, counties across the Upstate region are struggling with high unemployment rates and unacceptable poverty. New York State must follow the lead of our neighbors to the south and allow the development of this tremendous resource.

This article provides a sense of how the state’s interminable delay is impacting some Southern Tier residents.

Safe, responsible natural gas development is the single greatest economic opportunity for Upstate New York today. We can permit natural gas development while protecting human health and the environment. It’s time for New York State to join the natural gas revolution.