Like many New Yorkers, we are still waiting for New York State to complete its environmental and health review of shale gas development.  But we can’t help but notice that shale gas development has helped bring down energy prices, according to New York’s Independent System Operator (ISO).

While we are still hopeful that the state’s seemingly never-ending review will be based on a solid scientific foundation, our friends at the Independent Oil & Gas Association of New York (IOGA NY) don’t seem so sure that this is the case.

In the formal comments they submitted to the state Department of Environmental Conservation on their proposed high volume hydraulic fracturing rules last week, IOGA NY Executive Director Brad Gill said:

“These regulations are replete with requirements that have no foundation in science or in the long history of modern drilling in New York State without adverse environmental consequences.  In addition, in a number of instances, the Department has exceeded its regulatory authority, again with no scientific or historical basis for the offensive proposals.”

We know that shale gas can be developed safely, and that allowing it to move forward will be good for the Upstate economy.  We just hope that our state’s leadership reaches that conclusion, and does so soon.