On Wednesday, Gov. Cuomo delivered his third State of the State Address, in which he forcefully called for New York State to live up to its reputation as “the progressive capitol of the nation” as he laid out his vision for 2013.

Among the numerous initiatives he outlined in his speech, the Governor called for new gun controls, an affordable housing program, more learning time for school children, and for Congress to deliver on post-Hurricane Sandy aid. He said he will work to enact campaign finance reform, and said that he will propose a “women’s equality act” that will require equal pay for women and protect reproductive rights.

The Governor said he will continue to push for a referendum in November on a constitutional amendment to permit commercial casino gambling, saying that he will look to site three casinos Upstate – and none in New York City – in an effort to lure more tourists to the region.
Some political observers saw the speech as the first step toward a 2016 presidential campaign.

Watch the 2013 State of the State Address, read the transcript of the speech, or read the booklet that provides additional information on what the Governor is proposing.