Last Monday, the Thruway Authority at long last announced that it will not move forward with the unconscionable 45% truck toll increase that it proposed earlier this year.

The Thruway Authority’s Board of Directors instead approved a plan to reduce its workforce by 6%, freeze management salaries, and reduce travel and overtime.

Part of the plan involves shifting some of the authority’s costs to the state. The Thruway Authority will no longer provide $60 million annually to the State Police, which was used as reimbursement for troopers patrolling the highway.

While we are thrilled that the Thruway Authority finally saw the light and pulled the truck toll increase off the table, we still think that there is much, much more that the Thruway Authority can do to improve its fiscal situation.

We will continue to call for the Thruway Authority to undergo a thorough, independent fiscal analysis in order to get its financial house in order for the long term.