More than a month after Hurricane Sandy hit the New York City region, the state continues to address recovery and related issues in the New York City region.

Last Monday, Gov. Cuomo met with the state’s Congressional Delegation, along with local government leaders, to review a detailed damage assessment and mitigation/prevention costs resulting from the storm, and to discuss how the state intends to seek supplemental federal assistance to help cover the repair and restoration costs.

The storm’s costs – to the state and to its local governments – totals $41.9 billion.  This includes $32.8 billion in repair and restoration costs, and $9.1 billion in mitigation and prevention costs.

Last Wednesday, Gov. Cuomo announced the members of the three commissions he has appointed to undertake a review and to make specific recommendations on overhauling and improving the state’s emergency preparedness and response capabilities, as well as examining how to improve the strength and resilience of the state’s infrastructure to better withstand major weather incidents.  The three entities are NYS RESPONDS, NYS 2100 and NYS READY.