A Siena Research Institute poll released this week shows that more New Yorkers support natural gas development through hydraulic fracturing than oppose it.

New York has been left far behind in terms of the natural gas revolution, which has sparked a debate not about whether the gas should be drilled for – but whether the gas should be exported to other countries!

Unfortunately, the environmental review that New York commenced in 2008 continues, and it is unclear when it will end.  In the meantime, New Yorkers continue to use more oil and coal – both of which are much worse for the environment — than we would otherwise.

We think that moving forward with responsible natural gas development in New York will – as it has elsewhere in the United States – generate jobs and revenue for the state and local governments.  A better environment, a better economy and more tax revenue for our strapped local governments.  Only in New York can this formula fail to move forward.