Last Wednesday, Gov. Cuomo announced that the state has received $1 million in federal funding to support research and development on and promotion of specialty crops in the state.  The grant also includes $200,000 to help support the growth of the state’s wine, beer, and spirits industry.

Given the importance of the agricultural industry to Upstate, this is good news.

The grant recipients include:

– Cornell Cooperative Extension of Madison County, $95,931 to increase the amount of state-grown hops being used by brewers;

– Cornell University, $98,428 to increase the amount of disease-tested grapevines planted in state vineyards; $55,000 to help fresh-market vegetable farms by capitalizing on pollination provided by bumble bees; and $88,684 to develop weed suppressive turf for organic landscape management;

– Northeast Organic Farming Association of New York, $50,522 to offer intermediate and advanced organic and sustainable specialty crop grower education; and

– Cornell Cooperative Extension of Clinton County, $57,988, to promote techniques that enhance plant yield, extend the growing season, protect crops from weather extremes, and manage pests and diseases.