Last week, state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman proposed regulations that will require that some nonprofits – commonly referred to as Super PACs — disclose their political spending on state and local races starting next year.  If adopted (as expected), they will require most tax-exempt groups registered in New York, including 501(c)(4) “social welfare organizations,” to report their percentage of expenditures on “electioneering activities.”

Shortly after the Attorney’s General’s announcement, Gov. Cuomo said that he will put campaign finance reform at the top of his list of priorities for the new session, and that he will announce a comprehensive proposal at his State of the State speech on January 9th.

This is not an issue that we would normally weigh in on, as Unshackle Upstate conducts all of our political activity through UPAC, our political action committee.  But our concern is over the discussion that the Governor and some legislators want to enact publicly financed campaigns.  We oppose any new or increased taxes, and we just don’t think that taxpayers should be paying for political activity.

This is definitely an issue to keep an eye on for 2013.