Last Thursday, we learned that the Thruway Authority had scheduled a meeting for the next day, and we told the media that they might try to approve the 45% truck toll increase that they have proposed.  We couldn’t be sure that they were going to take up the toll increase, because they did not release a meeting agenda. We made a lot of noise about the stealth meeting and the missing agenda (as did some others), and the meeting has been pushed back until tomorrow (Tuesday).

We get it – the Thruway’s finances are troubled. Toll-paying users have dropped (ironic isn’t it…you increase tolls and people find a new way to get from one place to another) while the Authority’s costs have increased substantially.  But a massive toll hike is not the answer to the Thruway Authority’s problems.

We continue to call on the Thruway Authority’s leadership to take an independent forensic audit of their operations. Failure to do so will undoubtedly lead to another senseless toll increase – potentially on all vehicles, not just ones with three or more axles.

If you’d like to send an email to the Thruway Authority, you may do so at  If you do send a note to them expressing your concerns, be sure to send it to us as well so we can share it with our elected officials.