The State University of New York (SUNY) released its third report card this week, an analysis of data showing SUNY’s progress toward the system’s goals.

The report card cites significant progress in job creation and what it terms “sealing the leaks in the education pipeline through a number of rapidly expanding initiatives.” SUNY takes credit for creating 790 new jobs through its federally-sponsored research programs this year, a 14.7% increase since SUNY first began grading itself in 2008-09.

In a statement, SUNY Chancellor Nancy Zimpher said:

“With our strategic plan, we have made a commitment to all New Yorkers to create jobs, improve education from cradle to career, reduce our carbon footprint and much more as we aim to drive economic development and improve the quality of life throughout our great state.  The annually published SUNY Report Card is our way of being transparent about our progress and allowing the public to hold us accountable for it. We are proud to release this most recent edition today.”