Gov. Cuomo also called on the Thruway Authority to exhaust “all other options” before they impose the 45% toll increase on trucks that they have proposed, but not yet adopted.

The Thruway’s board has canceled three meetings since September to approve the toll increase.  Thruway Authority Executive Director Thomas Madison recently said that more time is needed to evaluate the toll hike proposal:

“The proposed toll increase for trucks is a complex issue that requires more evaluation before it is presented to the board to consider.  The Thruway is looking at a number of options and doing extensive research, and it will continue to do this due diligence work before another meeting is called and a recommendation is made.”

Unshackle Upstate is pleased that the governor and the Thruway Authority’s leadership understand that this is not the time to impose new costs on consumers while we try to repair our economy and get people working again.  But we remain concerned that the Thruway Authority does not seem to be able to come up with a long term plan to ensure its fiscal solvency.  We hope that the Thruway Authority is truly looking at making hard decisions about how it functions, and that we will be able to support the Authority’s decisions moving forward.