Citing workers’ compensation insurance premiums that are among the highest in the nation, the Rochester Business Alliance released a report last week calling for the state to put into place reforms that were approved in 2007, but have yet to be implemented.

Unfinished Business: Five Years of Worker’s Compensation Reform, Still a Work in Progress,” is based upon a CGR report, commissioned by the Rochester Business Alliance and developed under the guidance of the RBA Workers’ Compensation Reform Committee.

In issuing the report, RBA CEO Sandy Parker called for “urgent, focused attention to quickly and fully implementing the workers’ compensation reforms passed in 2007 and the recommendations outlined in (our) report.”

In related news, a national report issued last week by the Oregon Department of Consumer & Business Services confirms the escalating rise in employer costs,  ranking New York State as having the fifth highest workers’ compensation premiums in the nation, up from #19 in 2008.

The governor and legislative leaders have committed to fixing the problem that was not created by them, but by previous leaders.  But that action needs to happen soon.  We cannot afford another year of New York being a Top 5 state for workers’ compensation rates.