Last Tuesday, the New York Works Task Force met in Albany.  Gov. Cuomo appointed the 15-member task force in the Spring to develop an infrastructure plan to allocate capital investments between the public and private sectors and to find ways to speed up state construction projects.

The task force accepted a consultant’s report on the state’s capital investment and spending program.  The report found that the state’s lack of a long-term planning process for capital projects hinders its ability to make capital investments.

In 2013, the state expects to spend about $21 billion – $9.7 billion for 24 agencies and $11.7 billion for 22 authorities, on capital expenditures.  State agencies plan to spend over $40 billion in capital financing through the year 2017.

As with the REDC process, we applaud the governor for trying to bring some planning and coordination to a process that for too long has seemed uncoordinated.

We obviously have needs throughout the state that need to be addressed, including communities that are dealing with crumbling infrastructure. This could represent an important first step toward addressing those challenges.