On Monday, the state announced the awarding of $4 million in Local Government Efficiency grants to 21 local governments to reduce local government costs and save taxpayer dollars through consolidation and reorganization.

These grants will help the recipients carry out the governor’s effort to “right-size” government by helping to cover costs associated with local government efficiency projects, including planning for and implementation of a consolidation, shared or cooperative services, and regionalized delivery of services.

In his statement, the governor said:

“In today’s economic climate, government must learn to be more efficient and find innovative ways to reduce costs to taxpayers.  Our state cannot afford to place additional burdens on small businesses and working families, and these grants are designed to help local governments reorganize and cut costs, so taxpayers can be protected and municipalities can better serve their residents.”

Unshackle Upstate is a strong supporter of reducing the amount of government we have here in New York, so that we can begin to take steps to reduce our tax burden.