On Thursday, Gov. Cuomo announced the appointment of three new Executive Chamber staff members:  De’Shawn Wright as Deputy Secretary for Education; Ian Rosenblum as Director of Policy Coordination; and David Lobl as Community Representative.

De’Shawn Wright previously served as Deputy Mayor for Education in Washington, D.C. where he was responsible for the creation and implementation of a citywide ‘birth-to-24’ strategy that includes early education, K-12, post-secondary education and workforce development. He is a former New York City middle school teacher who also worked in the New York City Department of Education.

Ian Rosenblum served in Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell’s Office of Policy & Planning, with a focus on education policy, strategic communication and state budget development.

David Lobl will focus on outreach to New York’s Jewish population. He previously served as Director of Public and Government Affairs at Human Care Services for Families and Children, Inc. where he has served since January 2012.