Last week, Gov. Cuomo continued his tour of the state’s Regional Economic Development Councils (REDCs), visiting the North Country and the Hudson Valley.

On Wednesday, he visited Plattsburg where he met with the North Country REDC.  In the first round of the REDC process, the North Country was awarded $103.2 million for 70 projects across the region.

The North Country REDC’s progress report and list of 2012 project requests can be found here.

On Thursday, he met with the Mid-Hudson REDC in Kingston.  In the first round of the REDC process awards, the Mid-Hudson was awarded $67 million for 61 projects across the region.

The governor’s REDC process is a true success story. Unshackle Upstate has heard from many people throughout Upstate that they have never felt more engaged in the economic development process.  It has led to region-wide collaboration and cooperation, instead of the traditional competition that often seemed to keep communities from working together.