Today we released our 2011-12 legislative scorecards. The scorecards, as they did in 2010, grade legislators on their legislative and budget votes as well as sponsorships of targeted bills during the 2011 and 2012 legislative sessions.

As Primary and Election Day draws near, it’s very important for taxpayers to have a comprehensive guide that shows which legislators have truly dedicated themselves to unlocking New York’s economic potential. It’s encouraging to see that many legislators have responded to their constituents by supporting two consecutive fiscally responsible state budgets and several pro-taxpayer initiatives such as the 2-percent property tax cap and pension reform. Accordingly, legislators’ grades have generally improved from our 2010 scorecards. But we still have so much more to do to strengthen New York’s economy.

You can view the scorecards in their entirety here

You can also view Senate and Assembly members ranked by score

Or you can view the Senate and Assembly in alphabetical order

The scorecard grades consist of points accumulated or lost based on legislators’ sponsorships and floor votes on bills that we either supported or opposed. Votes and sponsorships were divided into four categories and graded with a maximum score of 100:

  • Legislative Votes (0 to 60 points of total score) – includes floor votes
  • Budget Votes (0 to 25 points of total score) – includes votes on the budget
  • Sponsorship of Bills Supported by Unshackle Upstate (0 to 15 points of total score) – includes sponsorship of positive legislation (5 points for each bill sponsored with a maximum of 3 bills)
  • Sponsorship of Bills Opposed by Unshackle Upstate (0 to -15 points of total score) includes sponsorship of bad legislation (5 points deducted for each bill sponsored with a maximum of 3 bills)