In a report that was released earlier this week, several knowledgeable former public officials outlined what we all know; Local government are in trouble and without lots of change, you and I will be paying the bill.

As we often do, we look to our friend EJ McMahon of the Empire Center who is our resident guru on the topic of government spending. In his interview last evening on Capital Tonight, EJ explains the difference between structural vs. systematic imbalances and why knowing which one you operate in is important.

Now, when it comes to economics and accounting, I am no expert. Far from it. But I know enough about long-term planning to confidently say that we are in trouble. There is little long-term planning taking place in our Legislature and as a result, we are teetering on the edge of the very same cliff that some California cities have fallen off

But as we always do, we have a plan. We advanced Let NY Work  last November to help spur the conversation about real mandate relief. It is a good plan that if embraced, will help us maintain our local services and provide a good education to our kids.

So as you travel this summer and as the candidates for office visit you, ask them this: “What are you doing to fix our structural imbalance and why haven’t you signed on to support the Let NY Work agenda?” The answer you get may just help you decide who you want to vote for in November.