On Tuesday, Attorney General Eric Schneiderman announced that his office has filed 12 lawsuits against 16 “head shops” throughout the state for selling so-called “designer drugs,” including “bath salts” and “synthetic marijuana.” The synthetic drugs have been linked to bizarre and violent behavior around the country.

Undercover investigators found head shop employees selling mislabeled bath salts and other synthetic drugs that mimic cocaine and marijuana, and telling customers how to use them. The lawsuits accuse 16 stores of violating state labeling laws requiring that products sold to consumers show, among other things, what’s in the products.
On Wednesday, judges presiding over every case but one issued temporary restraining orders directing the synthetic drugs to be removed from the alleged offending stores immediately pending the outcome of the case
In response, Attorney General Schneiderman said:

“The quick action by these judges to immediately remove dangerous, mislabeled products from store shelves is an indication of the urgency of addressing this problem. This is a major victory for the health and safety of consumers in New York State.”