Rick Karlin of the Times-Union has an interesting article  about the lack of mandate relief emanating from the halls of the Capitol this year.  His story was accurate. There has not been much done to help our local governments.

But what struck me a most concerning was the quote from Assemblyman Tom Abinanti from Westchester County.  Here is his quote:

“I don’t know how you can possibly fashion mandate relief of a significant magnitude that will make a difference for local government,” said Tom Abinanti, a Democratic assemblyman from Westchester County. He believes the state will have to kick in more money to localities as they learn to limit property tax hikes. “That’s what the state is for. To raise money,” Abinanti said.

For our more frequent readers, you know where I am going with this.  The Assemblyman is 100% completely WRONG!  It cannot, and never should be, about raising more money.  We went down that path already and it was a disaster. 

But he is also wrong because there is a plan out there and it WILL have the “significant magnitude” that the Assemblyman says we need.  Along with our partners at NYCOM  , NYSSBA, NYSCOSS , NFIB and the Business Council we created Let NY Work .  It is THE six point plan that will cut wasteful spending and provide our local governments the freedom from mandates they need to make our communities affordable.

For our friends in Westchester County, please call Assemblyman Abinanti’s off at 914-631-1605. Tell him that you don’t want more wasteful spending and if he is serious about helping with mandate relief, then he should sign on to the Let NY Work agenda.